Monthly Program

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a simple preparedness program that is built one step at a time, one month at a time. Each month, neighbors who participate in the program will receive preparedness information that builds on what they've gathered from previous months.

Each month's training includes a printable how-to guide as well as a  segment from our 3-Minute Video Training Series, where the host will walk you through exactly what you need to do that month to be more prepared.

Preparedness is easy. It only requires a few minutes each month to learn what you need to do to be ready. The program is flexible and you can adapt it to fit your needs and those of your neighbors.

Here is an outline of the 6 month program:

Month 1: Putting Together Your Family Emergency Plan

Month 2: What Do You Need in the First Three Minutes?

Month 3: What Do You Need in the First Three Hours?

Month 4: What Do You  Need in the  First Three Days?

Month 5: What Do You Need in the  First Three Weeks?

Month 6: What Do You Need in the  First Three Months?