First Three Days

If a disaster is large enough, it may cause interruption to community services over several days. Planning for the next three days will require you to organize food and water for family members. Here are some items you might need.

Prepare a "72-hour kit" for each family member. Keep it packed and ready to "grab-and-go" at any time, in case you need to leave suddenly. Include water (1 gallon per person per day), easy-to-prepare food items, clothing, shoes, first aid supplies, medications (including prescriptions), personal hygiene items, water filters or purification tablets, shelter and survival supplies, and cash in small denominations. Place these kits in a easily-accessible location in your home and show everyone where they are stored.

Build a kit of similar items to keep in each of your cars. Make sure to include good walking shoes, in case you need to leave your vehicle and walk to get home. Don’t forget to include a mobile phone charger.

Get prepared for the first three days!